The Islamic State could have destroyed the Mashqui Gate in Nineveh

The Islamic State could have destroyed the Mashqui Gate in Nineveh

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Iraqi media as well as a source from the British Institute for Iraqi Studies have stated that ISIS has destroyed the Mashqui Gate, also known as the Gate of God, one of the 15 entrances to the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh.

According to activists in Mosul, the Islamic State would have used military weapons to destroy this gate, although this is information that has yet to be confirmed.

Spokespersons for the British Museum have confirmed to The Independent that they were following up on this news, commenting that “We naturally deplore all acts of vandalism and destruction of cultural heritage, and we continue to monitor the situation as best we can. In the absence of specific information, it is not yet possible to comment on what has been destroyed«.

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