Ancient vases from various civilizations and an incredible rhinoceros fossil featured on Catawiki this week

Ancient vases from various civilizations and an incredible rhinoceros fossil featured on Catawiki this week

This week at Catawiki auctions we found many interesting objects. From ushabtis and vases of various ancient civilizations, to an incredible rhinoceros fossil, meteorite slices and a very old cash register in perfect condition.

These are the most outstanding batches of this week:

Auction of Archaeological Objects.

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In the auction of archaeological objects, today we move towards the great civilizations, first finding a ushebti faience egyptian that represents Tious, son of Tayderek, dated in the Late Empire, between the years 664 - 332 a.C. 16 cm high and on whose body you can see 8 lines of hieroglyphics.

Another interesting object is a Greek vase from 350 BC. small, 10.8 cm, in a perfect state of conservation except for slight flaking of the black enamel typical of its age. Another vase stands out in this lot, one terracotta from the Indus Valley (Pakistan) dated between 3,300-2,000 BC. in perfect condition, 110 × 115 mm and 264.6 g in weight, whose paintings represent goats and various geometric decorations.

Finally, we highlight a clay jar with the illustration of a warrior from the Iberian Celtic civilization (300-200 BC) of 90 mm that has been professionally restored, being in a very good state of conservation.

Natural History Auction.

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In Natural History we find as a great curiosity, a fossil rhino skull (Rhinoceros probeicus) of 70 cm, an impressive and very rare object of an extinct rhinoceros species found in Asia. The fossil, in turn, preserves ash remains from the volcano that most likely killed it, which caused its total fossilization.

Another object that we highlight in a large Seymchan Meteorite slice with Widmanstatten lines. It was found in Russia in 1967 and weighs 42.9 grams. Finally, we highlight a Early Cretaceous ammonite found in Morocco 8.4 x 61 cm in size, very well preserved on both sides.

Antiques Auction.

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Finally, at the antique auction, we found real gems like a antique Carl Zeiss Jena microscope 1900, 25 cm high and in very good condition; a French bronze Rococo style mirror, from 1890 whose dimensions are 46.2 cm high, 35 cm wide and 3 cm deep (approximately), and weighs 3.7 kg.

Finally, an incredible cash register made in the USA and marketed in Belgium and France in 1900. Its brand is "National" and it is in perfect condition, even in working condition. Its measurement is 50x50x42 cm and very heavy, so it must be collected.

If you want to discover more objects, you just have to go to the Catawiki auctions and take a look at their entire catalog where, surely, you will find something that arouses your interest.

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