They find an Inca temple in Arequipa (Peru)

They find an Inca temple in Arequipa (Peru)

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A team of researchers from the universities of Warsaw (Poland) and the Catholic Santa María (Peru), have found vestiges of the Inca temple dedicated to Apu Coropuna, the largest dedicated to him, in Arequipa.

The temple was found during the archaeological work carried out to recover the Inca ceremonial center of Maucallacta, where the aforementioned team has been working since 1996.

Maciej Sobczyk, director of the Apu Coropuna Project, highlighted that «the enclosure was also used as a lodging place for the Inca and the royal family«, Specifying about the temple that«the characteristics of both the structures and the stone finishes are typical of the architecture of the Inca empire«.

The inca temple found consists of a rectangular structure with a triangular roof, measures 60 meters long by 10 wide and has five entrance doors.

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