600-year-old stairway discovered in Huaca Toledo, Peru

600-year-old stairway discovered in Huaca Toledo, Peru

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A team of archaeologists has found a new stairway in Huaca Toledo (Peru), one of the five temples of Chan Chan (capital of the Chimú kingdom), at least 600 years old.

This finding allows to reveal that access to the upper part of the huaca, which is 20 meters high in total, was not done only through the two stairways that had been discovered in 2016, but rather there is another set of stairs at the back.

This has been explained by Nadia Gamarra Carranza, the head of the Research, Conservation and Enhancement Unit of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Special Project (PECACH).

He also added that «This, without a doubt, allows us to know a little more about the design of the Huaca Toledo. Until the end of last year, we thought that the north side of the huaca, where the first two steps are, was the main facade of the temple, now, the archaeological investigation makes us change the script, and see that Toledo was not as we imagined it » .

He added in turn that it is very likely that find the fourth stair in the next few weeks, and that if the remaining one is found, the fact that the stairways are at the four corners "is a totally atypical feature in the huacas of the Moche valley."

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