The Mesoarchic era

The Mesoarchic era

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The Mesoarchic era is a geological time division within the Archaic Aeon what started ago 3.2 billion years to 2.8 billion years ago.

During this era two important events occurred, the first ice age, 2.9 billion years ago, and the breakup of the supercontinent Vaalbará, 2,800 million years ago.

Characteristics of the Earth during the Mesoarchic era

Some characteristics of the Earth during the Mesoarchic era are:

The oldest reefs They date from this time, and it is probable that they were formed by stromatolites.
- The surface temperature it was probably not much higher than the current one.
- The carbon dioxide concentration atmospheric was only slightly greater than its value in the pre-industrial era.
- The sun luminosity it was only 70% of its current value.

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