Do Mexicans need a visa to enter the United States?

Do Mexicans need a visa to enter the United States?

Since last November 9, 2016 he was electedUnited States's president Donald Trump, the news about how the political and economic situation has changed has not stopped.

Mexicans have unfortunately been the ones who have takenworst part faced with the threat of the construction of the border wall. Thus, people who want to visit the country have observed how thedifficulties considerably.

To begin with, they should know that it is necessary to carry out the visa process to be able to visit it either for tourism, business or medical requirements. A procedure that was done before, but which is now carried out with greater demand and control towards all those travelers who want to travel to the United States.

Is a visa required to enter the United States?

This whole political situation as a result of the election of Trump, has raised countlessheadaches and doubts that for many, are not resolved.

Through this article, we will recount the answers, but it should be remembered that we are not immigration consultants, so we do not have the possibility of offering advice about the personal situation of each case or situation.

Despite this, we can offer on a large scale,What is the situation for Mexican people who yearn to travel to the US.

Regarding doubts about whether it is necessary to obtain a visa, it is necessary to remember that only those countries that are part of the United States Visa Extension Program have the opportunity to enter need visa.

Unfortunately, Mexico is not a country that is among the lucky countries. For this reason, when asked if it is possible to attend the United States without a visa being from Mexico, the answer is no.

The policies pertaining to the American country, require that any person who wants to travel with a Mexican passport, has toapply for a visa, regardless of the type and the circumstances of the trip.

Another question that arises around this issue is whether you must have a visa in case of stopping in the United States to take another plane. The answer is that atransit visa, which is easier to obtain.

Regardless of this assumption, for Mexicans, it is necessary to requestthe B1 and B2 visa. The B1 will belong to those people who want to use it for business and the B2, for people who want to do tourism. The application form must be completed online and it must be taken into account that in most cases it will benecessary an interview.

This type of visa will be necessary to enter the United States by air, sea or land borders and is valid for between 1 and 10 years. Unfortunately, you have to “go through the hoop”And there is no other way to visit this wonderful country that is capable of offering endless opportunities for those who are interested in knowing it.

It is understood how annoying it can be to carry out this type of activity to gain access to the United States, but the truth is thatit will really be worth it once those lands have been accessed. Complete the necessary procedures and start planning the specific place you want to visit in the United States. Rest assured, you will love it.

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